2017 Season Preview

Out with the cheap, in with the new!

As some of you know, 2 teams have been booted from the league because ownership couldn’t cough up the outrageous fee of $40/year to participate. These owners will be inducted on to the Bernie Madoff Wall of Shame in Leavenworth. They are: Marc Menard (Marc’s Majestic Team) and Greg Cameron (Oshkosh Vincegosh).

We have 2 NEW owners who have agreed to enter the league. One is a former owner, one is a brand new owner. The former owner who is returning is Ronnie DeRoy! The newest owner is Jacquie Kostanski! Please welcome them into our league with the kindness and understanding that is the trademark of our league (yeah, right).

Bozo of the week

Runner Up

Jameis… JAMEIS!!!!

Christ, almighty… just because your speeches work on 20-28 year old men who suffer from arrested development, doesn’t mean that brand of speech is appropriate for school children! Do you not learn?!?
Telling boys that they need to be strong, while girls need to be ‘silent, polite and gentle’ is someone not learning from serious previous mistakes. Then he puts out an apology that nowhere says the word ‘sorry’. His talent as a QB is attractive, but every time you hear him speak outside of on a field, you turn into Tyra Banks:

Imagine the conflict inside you wanting to root for your team, but having to root for that…


Larry Nassar… former Gymnastics coach and former Team USA Gymnastics doctor. Reprehensible doesn’t even come close to describing what he’s accused of doing and what he’s charged with. The link will be very upsetting if you decide to click on it, but these stories need to be disseminated to raise awareness of what’s going on and hopefully spare others from going through a similar thing.

This… THIS is the world we live in?


Soprano of the week:
Pitchers and Catchers are reporting, so baseball is back!

Other News:

Say hello to the new ‘Skins, same as the old ‘Skins. Chris Cooley theorized that the GM has fallen off the wagon and is drinking again… and the team didn’t immediately deny/admonish Cooley. Hoo Boy!

Brock O Come On Man.gif

League Rule Changes:

As discussed at the last draft, there are several changes regarding the league setup:

As voted on by the league prior to the draft this season, the following rules will be enacted for the 2017-2018 season:
1) ZERO keepers
2) Draft will revert to snake style drafting
3) Draft order will be determined every year moving forward by a random draw out of a hat
4) There will be TWO divisions, not three – divisions will be constituted out of evens v odds the first year, those will then be your division-mates moving forward
5) The regular season will now be weeks 1-13
6) The playoffs will expand to SIX teams (Division winners then the next 4 best records) The 2 best teams will get bye weeks for week 14, then week 15 is the semifinals, 16 finals.
7) You MUST physically attend the draft moving forward.

I would like to suggest another change, in that I would like to reduce the number of points your kicker loses for missing an extra point from -5 to -3.

Draft Order

The season begins Thursday 9/7, so I will be looking to schedule something on Tuesday, 9/5 or Wednesday 9/6 at Hooters in West Springfield. I will let all of you know when there is something solid for draft night.

Your draft order for the 2017 season will be determined by random draw a week before the draft.

Good Luck to All!!!

smooth criminal.gif

The Commish

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