End of Year get-together 01/17/2017

Finals Wrap Up:


Dan, please get the trophy ready for Brian at next year’s draft. Also, shine up the championship belt for him.

End of Year Get-Together

I am looking to have the year end get together on 02/10/17 this year. I would normally look to have it the week prior (and just before the Super Bowl) but this year’s champion is on a ski trip then.

I am thinking Pizzeria Uno’s by the Basketball Hall of Fame, as it’s right next to I-91 and should be fairly easy for everyone to get to. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I will be making a reservation for 8-10 people. I will send out another email when I have things confirmed.

Hopefully, it will be a happy time for all as I know most of us will be rooting for this Super Bowl:

But the way the past year has been, screwing people at every turn, we’re more likely to get:


Payouts for the year:

Doug: 1st in Reg Season: $50, 4th in playoffs: Arm around shoulder/pat on back
Dave: 2nd in Reg Season: $40, 3rd in playoffs: $40
Brian: 3rd in Reg Season: $30, 1st in playoffs: $200
Jodie: 4th in Reg Season: Handshake and an ‘Attaboy’, 2nd in playoffs: $120

If you want to see a statistical history of the league since its inception: CLICK HERE!!

What’s Gronk up to?

He’s going to be in an action movie called ‘American Violence’ … because OF COURSE he is!

He made an appearance on ‘Family Guy.’ Lois would have prefered that Julian Edelman moved in, instead.

He saw a 300 lb friend of his try bull riding… it ended … poorly.

… and he’s back to partying on yachts during the holiday season…

Bozo of the week

Runner Up:
Greg & Marc

Pay your dues, boys.
Really Scrooged.gif
A MFin Game.gif

Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live feed!

Way to go, giving Bill Belichick and the Patriots any billboard material by:
  1. Thinking that going on Facebook live RIGHT after the game in your locker room is a good idea
  2. Preening for the camera while your teammates are starting to undress and shower
  3. Not giving a good goddamn what your coach is saying to anyone after the game
  4. Selling out your coach for broadcasting what is meant to be an in house speech
  5. Not keeping a low profile on social media after your coach is explaining that you should be keeping a low profile on social media this week.

This… THIS is the world we live in?


Dennis Green Memorial Patch

If you’re not at the get together, see you all at next year’s draft!!!
New rules will be listed in emails prior to the draft.
The dues are still $40 for everyone except for Greg & Marc, whose dues shoot up to $80, since they have to make up for not paying them this year.

The Commish

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