In the College Game – Week 3 – 09/19/16

In the College Game: – Week 3

Unfortunate teammate names next to each other

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Week 3

(1)Alabama 48 @ (19)Ole Miss 43
You’re at home and you’ve got Alabama down 21 points in the second quarter. Here’s what you CAN’T do: Give up a punt return TD, fumble return TD AND an interception return TD by a defensive tackle. THAT’S why you’re Ole Miss.

(2)Florida St. 20 @ (10)Louisville 63
Let’s check in on Louisville and how Lamar Jackson is treating the Seminoles:


(3)Ohio St. 45 @ (14)Oklahoma 24

Big Game Bob Stoops isn’t waiting around before losing his big games THIS year. He’s getting them out of the way early! Also: Kids… it’s not a TD if you don’t CROSS the goal line WITH the ball.

Colorado 28 @ (4) Michigan 45

Tom Brady was an honorary captain, threw the ball around with Jim Harbaugh, delivered a ‘chilling’ pregame speech, then watched as the Wolverines scared the dog-piss out of their faithful by falling behind 21-7 to Colorado.

South Carolina St 0 @ (5) Clemson 59
Remember, after catching a kickoff in the end zone, you need to KNEEL before flipping the ball to the referee!

(6)Houston 40 @ Cincinnati 16

A 28-6 fourth quarter will take a close game and make it a blowout. Of course, there were twists and turns along the way, but the better team won.

USC 10 @ (7)Stanford 27
Portland St. 3  @ (8) Washington 41
Georgia St. 17 @ (9) Wisconsin 23

(11)Texas 43 @ California 50
Also: Kids… it’s not a TD if you don’t CROSS the goal line WITH the ball.

(12)Michigan St. 36 @ (18)Notre Dame 28
North Dakota St.23 @ (13)Iowa 21

If you play with the Bison, you’re going to get the horns!

Ohio 19 @ (15) Tennessee 28

Un-Im-Press-Ive clap, clap, clapclapclap
You get to face a Florida team who is without its starting QB because North freakin Texas took a shot at his knee that looked pretty much like when Tom Brady and Trent Green had their ACLs torn. Someone is smiling down on you this year.

(16)Georgia 28 @ Missouri 27

Georgia scored a TD late and THIS guy went a little too crazy:

(17)Texas A&M 29 @ Auburn 16
Mississippi St. 20 @ (20)LSU 23

Leonard Fournette is not fair. Good thing LSU’s QB stinks for the 874th year in a row to even things out for the opponents:

(21) Baylor 38 @ Rice 10
(22)Oregon 32 @ Nebraska 35

Tommy Armstrong, who is in his 21st season as Nebraska’s QB scored the game winning TD

North Texas 0 @ (23) Florida 32

The Luke Del Rio hit is at the 3:59 mark. North Texas had 53 total yards of offense.

Texas St  3 @ (24) Arkansas 42
(25) Miami (FL) 45 @ Appalachian St. 10
Pittsburgh 38 @ Oklahoma St. 45
UCLA 17 @ BYU 14
Iowa St 20 @ TCU 41
Temple 27 @ Penn St. 34

This year’s version of the molester bowl. Bill Cosby’s alma-mater v Jerry Sandusky’s enablers.
This year’s game was even MORE revolting, as Penn State ‘HONORED’ 50 years of Joe Paterno.

South Florida 45 @ Syracuse 20
Boston College 0 @ Virginia Tech 49

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