In the College Game – Week 1

In the College Game: – Week 1

College Football is BACK and so is Brent!!!


Man, this guy is EVERYWHERE!!! I knew he was a Falcons fan, but I didn’t know he was down for Louisville too! Quentin Tarantino movies, Star Wars, Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, Afro Samurai, Black Snake Moan, Shaft, Deep Blue Sea, A Time to Kill… NOW college sidelines too? How does he have the energy?


… and yes.. HE saw it!

University of Florida fans, Washington Racial Slurs fans and University of South Carolina fans…THIS is why you shouldn’t take Fox News as gospel…

THIS is what the head ball coach is all about. He played the role of ‘Mr. Two bits’ before the Florida-UMass game where Florida field at Ben Hill Griffin stadium was renamed Steve Spurrier Field at Ben Hill Griffin stadium.

For one week, Penn State brought back the old ESPN segment ‘Jacked Up!’ Which linebacker or safety made the bone crushing hit? The 5’10” 271lb KICKER – Joey Julius!!!

Sam Fultz, punter at Nebraska, died this summer in a car crash. For Nebraska’s first point of the season, they came out with 10 men (punter missing). The crowd roared, tears were wept, Nebraska was called for delay of game, which Fresno St. declined.

(1)Alabama put the smack down on (20)USC 52-6 in Cowboys stadium. Former SC head coach Lane Diffon, who was fired at LAX after a game couldn’t let it lie without one more sick burn:
This game also featured an ejection of a player for: Nut stomping!

Ala USC.gif

(2)Clemson escaped Auburn 19-13

(3)Oklahoma didn’t wait to choke a big game away this year, they lost right off the bat at (15) Houston 33-23. Oh, there was a ‘kick 6’ this game too:

Wisconsin beat (5)LSU 16-14 when Brandon Harris threw a back breaking INT when LSU was on the outer range of field goal territory. Then things got interesting.
LSU Wisconsin.gif

(9) Tennessee SHOULD have lost at home to Appalachian State. It was 9 years to the day that App St. won AT Michigan. App St. missed an extra point AND a 42 yard field goal. Tennessee scored to put the game into OT, where they scored a TD when their QB got smoked at the 2 yard line, fumbled and Tennessee recovered in the end zone.

Luke Del Rio (Oakland Raiders’ head coach Jack’s son) played well, but (25)Florida struggled on offense to put away a pesky UMass Minuteman team, eventually scoring 14 in the 4th to win 24-7

The third best game of the weekend: (18) Georgia 33 – (22) North Carolina 22. This game featured the return of UGA RB Nick Chubb after he tore up his knee last year in the first play v. Tennessee. (not for the squeamish… it’s the finishing hit out of bounds that super hyper extends the knee)
Nick went for 222 yards and 2 TD including the fourth down TD to ice the win!

The second best game of the weekend: (16) UCLA 24 – Texas A&M 31 (OT)
A&M was up 24-9, feeling very comfortable, before UCLA came charging back with 15 in the fourth to tie the game and had a chance to win, but Josh Rosen (26/46 343 yards, 1 TD) threw one of his 3 interceptions at the 50 yard line with about a minute to go when UCLA was driving to kick the winning field goal.

The best game of the week: (10) Notre Dame 47 – Texas 50 F/2OT. You don’t like college? You don’t like Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St.Brown flipping through the air for a TD? How about an extra point to put Texas up by 3 being blocked and returned for 2 by ND to tie the game? How about the Texas kids lifting Charlie Strong off the field after the game?
Hey, camera guy and parabolic microphone guy… WATCH OUT!!!

ND Texas.gif

Not a great week for the SEC. Yes, Alabama, Georgia and Texas A&M won big games, but Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee struggled mightily to beat overmatched opponents while LSU, Auburn and Mississippi St. lost.

The Big Ten’s big two crushed their opponents into little bits. Michigan beat Hawaii 63-3 while Ohio State beat Bowling Green 77-10.

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