Week 1 – 9/8/16

Bozo of the week

Runner Up:


This… THIS is the world we live in?


In the College Game:

Man, this guy is EVERYWHERE!!! I knew he was a Falcons fan, but I didn’t know he was down for Louisville too!

University of Florida fans, Washington Racial Slurs fans and University of South Carolina fans…THIS is why you shouldn’t take Fox News as gospel…

Gronk News:

He’s sick and tired of the grammar police:

So your Commish had to take matters into his own hands:

You’re welcome… AMERICA!

merica 11.gif

Around the League:

(# = number of games, SAP = Substance Abuse Policy, PED = PED Policy, BS = BullShit)

All injuries will be listed in the link above… I’m not putting anything else on here unless it’s major… Like Tom Brady slicing his thumb with a pair of scissors while trying to remove something off of his cleat.
Other News:

When you realize that NFL football is here this week:

Chance Beyonce.gif
The draft should be a CELEBRATION. Lots of fun to be had. We need the table to look like this:

Zoolander Jeep.gif

Week 1:

Dennis Green Memorial Patch

Good Luck to All!!!


The Commish

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