Week 6 recap, Week 7 preview

Congratulations to all of the winners this week:

Doug, Mike, Marc, Brian, Ed and Dan
We may need to perform an exorcism for Dave and Jodie soon.
Jodie was tied with Culver going into MNF 84.55-84.55 and was done in by the Philadelphia defense who gave up 7 points and had a Pick 6 against the Giants whose point totals were as follows: 26,20,32,24,30. She has also run into 4 straight weeks of her opponents scoring 121.25+
Dave has put up 2 straight weeks of 102.15+ but run into 154.35 & 123.50.
Jodie is presently 1-5, Dave is 2-4.
Looks like the BOLTS division is the one to watch this season, as we have THREE teams at 4-2 with Dan, Kim & Doug while Marc has a record that is much more respectable than his 49ers at 3-3.
Full Goose Bozos is back on track. After starting off 0-4, he’s won 2 straight. He’s the anti-Spider 2 Y Banana who started 4-0 and has dropped 2 straight.
The defending champ, Mike, took out Kim to retake first place in the Nuts division. He is closely followed by Greg.
Week 7 Thursday game:

Seattle (2-4) at

San Francisco (2-4)

Week 7 Byes:

Chicago Cincinnati Denver  Green Bay

Week 7 games:- RIVALRY WEEK!!!
Spider 2 Y Banana           v             Culver’s Crusaders
Mike’s High Flyers          v             Marc’s Majestic Team
PMS                                       v             The Bumble Bunch
Wild Eyed & Wicked       v             Jodie’s Generals
Yo Soy Fiesta                    v             Butch’s Bonecrushers
Full Goose Bozos             v             Eddie’s Eagles
Good Luck to all!
The Commish

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