Week 4 wrap up, Week 5 preview

What started out as a normal week devolved into the owner of Vincent Jackson talking smack to the commissioner about how stinky his beloved Buccaneers are,  how terrible Vincent is and how he would bench Vincent prior to his game v. the commish.

This is the same man who is a fan of the San Francisco Farty Niners. A man who roots for and started Colin Kaepernick (22-44, 227 yards 0 TD, 5 INT in his last two games COMBINED). A man who roots for former janitor and doormat salesman Jim Tomsula as his head coach who thinks it’s a great idea to fart DURING a Friday press conference. His coach doesn’t seem to be ready for, oh, I don’t know, the media/interview process of the job or answering questions about his coordinator hiring process. Say what you want about the media prowess of Sith Lord Bill Belichick, at least he answers questions with English words.
Anyway, as you’d expect, Vincent went for 20.70 points while rotting on the bench, and his team scored a league low 58.20 points for the week. We wish him well in his future endeavors.
Week 4 results:
Spider 2 Y Banana           71.45                    Marc’s Majestic Team                    58.20
Mike’s High Flyers          97.30                   Full Goose Bozo’s                            93.20
PMS                                       132.30                 Jodie’s Generals                               59.05
Wild Eyed & Wicked       82.15                    Eddie’s Eagles                                   69.40
The Bumble Bunch          93.60                    Butch’s Bonecrushers                    92.10
Yo Soy Fiesta                    111.80                  Culver’s Crusaders                          82.00
League records
4-0         Spider 2 Y Banana
3-1         PMS                                       Mike’s High Flyers          Yo Soy Fiesta
2-2         Culver’s Crusaders          Wild Eyed & Wicked       The Bumble Bunch          Butch’s Bonecrushers
1-3         Eddie’s Eagles                   Marc’s Majestic Team    Jodie’s Generals
0-4         Full Goose Bozo’s
Week 5 byes:

Miami Dolphins, NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers – get those players out of your lineup!
Week 5 Thursday Game:


The Indianapolis Colts at the Houston Texans.
Will Andrew Luck play? Will Frank Gore stop fumbling when no one is around him?
Will someone other than JJ Watt ever get one, stinking, lousy commercial? Will Jadaveon Clowney get a sack this year? Will the vaunted Houston defense stop an NFL team from getting at least 24 points for the first time this year (Tampa = semi-pro)? Will Houston offensive linemen stop knocking the ball out of Arian Foster’s hands?
Week 5 Matchups
Spider 2 Y Banana                           v                             PMS
Mike’s High Flyers                          v                             Butch’s Bonecrushers
Wild Eyed & Wicked                       v                             Yo Soy Fiesta
The Bumble Bunch                          v                             Full Goose Bozo’s
Jodie’s Generals                               v                             Marc’s Majestic Team
Culver’s Crusaders                          v                             Eddie’s Eagles
Good Luck to all,
The Commish

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