Week 3

A quick review of week 3:

That 3-0 Spider 2 Y Banana keeps rolling along putting up 168.85 against a game Full Goose Bozo’s who falls to 0-3.
Eddie’s Eagles throat-punched the previously undefeated champion Mike’s High Flyers 144.25-75.85.
PMS pulled out a close game against Wild Eyed 95.00-92.50.
The Bumble Bunch’s crazy mad comeback (A. Rodgers: 48.25 pts) fell just short against Yo Soy Fiesta 108.35-104.35.
Butch showed no mercy against Jodie’s Generals 121.25-98.60.
Culver, despite having accumulated the MOST points in the league 383.35 tasted defeat for the first time because Jamaal Charles went for 26.20 points on Monday Night as Marc’s Majestic team won 120.70-117.80.
Sure, it’s been fun playing your division for the first 3 games, but now you start playing everyone else in the league and as UFC ring announcer would say: ‘It’s TIME!!!!’
Week 4 is the first week that has bye weeks, so check your team for players on bye.
Spider v Marc
Mike v. Full Goose
PMS v. Jodie
Wild Eyed v. Eddie
Bumble v. Butch
Yo Soy Fiesta v. Culver
This Thursday should be a big ol turd of a game with the


0-3 Ravens at the 2-1 Big Ben-less Steelers with Michael Vick as the QB. It should turn out to be a real dog-fight. L
Good luck to everyone this week!
The Commish,

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