LeBron, Shattered Hopes and Hypocrisy

The idea that people are a) dissapointed in LeBron that he left Cleveland b) chose to announce so in the manner that he did c) dissapointed that he’s not trying to win a title with ‘his own team’ and d) sad to see him ‘taking the easy way out’ to win a title need to shut the hell up.

The last time I checked this is America… (I’m right? This IS America, right? Yes? OK…) People can CHOOSE to work whereever they wish. Because he’s a basketball player doesn’t mean he forfeits this right. He gave you 4 50 win teams, 3 Conference Semi apps, 1 Conference Final app, and 1 Finals app. He gave you 349 reg season wins in his 7 seasons there. Do you know how long it took you to win that many before he got there? TEN years. Mark Price, Brad Daugherty and Craig Ehlo were still on the team. Danny Ferry was a PLAYER, not a GM. Honestly, Cleveland.. be happy that you HAD him for seven years, because, frankly, if NBA rules didn’t stipulate so, I don’t know of ANY big time free agent who would willingly go there over Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles or NYC. You don’t think that Milwaukee will have the same problem when it comes time to re-up Brandon Jennings or Sacramento with Tyreke Evans? In ‘Ocho-Cinco-speak’: Child, Please!

This is your only life. You can choose to announce things however you want to. You’re only going to do this once. I have NO problem with LeBron choosing to announce his ‘decision’ however he likes. We can’t assume that he didn’t KNOW the consequences of his actions. He knew them and chose to go through this way anyway. Also, he wouldn’t have put on a one hour show if he didn’t have a more than willing TV partner to broadcast it. Remember, he didn’t go to college. Me and my boy, EP discussed this earlier in the day and we were convinced that he would be sitting at a desk with 6-7 hats in front of him, just like a bizzaro national signing day announcement. Choose the hat and put it on. He knew, he’s fine with it, move on. I’m just shocked that this hasn’t happened before. We live in a world of ‘reality TV’ this and ‘Stephon Marbury eating vaseline‘ that, so why not try this out?

You’re dissapointed he ‘didn’t take his own team to the title’? Let’s review Champions since 81:

76ers: Dr. J, Moses, Cunningham, Cheeks, Toney
Lakers: Magic, Kareem, Worthy
Celtics: Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ, Ainge
Pistons: Isiah
Bulls: Jordan, Pippen
Rockets: Hakeem
Lakers: Shaq, Kobe
Spurs: Admiral, Duncan, Parker, Ginobli
Pistons: Rasheed, Billups, Hamilton, Prince, BWallace
Heat: Wade, Shaq
Celtics: Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Rondo
Lakers: Kobe, Gasol

Out of all of those teams, only the Pistons (88-90) and Rockets(93-95) had only one Superstar. They only won because they had supreme supporting casts that overwhelmed the other teams by depth. Everyone else has had at least 2 Superstars. Why WOULDN’T you try to put yourself in a position to win by hooking up with multiple great players? LeBron chose to try to be like Mike, Magic and Larry, rather than Sir Charles, Ewing, and Iverson. Aren’t we always clamoring for our great players to care about winning titles first? We decry them for caring only about the money, cars and fame, while leaving winning to the back burner. LeBron actually does something that puts him in the best position to win titles and we… denounce him? How does THAT make any sense? I also don’t know how winning multiple titles could POSSIBLY be worse for your legacy. The last time I checked, everyone throws the number of titles in your face as a way of measuring how great a player was. He’s doing just that and getting killed for it. Come on, people!

And everyone saying he’s taking ‘the easy way out’, let me ask you a question: In your work place, your contract is coming up, and you could stay with your middle of the road business, or you got a similar offer to go work at a huge company with much better infrastructure, better benefits, and could give you better opportunity to be the best in your field, in a better location, are you saying you WOULDN’T leave? If I could live in Miami, have a job that allowed me to be the best I could be, because they have assembled the infrastructure to let me flourish, I’d be gone in a heartbeat. Secondarily, are you saying that winning an NBA title is ‘easy’? You don’t think that other teams will be gunning for the Heat even moreso because that’s ‘the glamour team’ in the league. You think the Celtics, Magic, Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, and Thunder are just going to lay down? You think that Cleveland won’t be busting their humps to win? Toronto will just take the night off? Amar’e won’t have something to prove v. Bosh? Chicago will just roll over? I don’t think so. Honestly, the Heat could face the Bulls, Magic and Celtics just in the Eastern Conf Playoffs. That’s BEFORE facing the Lakers.. assuming they make it that far.

The sad thing about the last 2 paragraphs, is it’s the same people who were broadcasting and promoting LeBron’s decision that are the same ones who are now ripping him. If you want to rip him, fine.. then don’t be a part of it. As soon as you DO help him, however, “you lost all your L.A. privileges.” Secondarily, SportsCenter, Chris Broussard, you’re better than that. SportsCenter is for NEWS reporting! Report what HAS happened. SportsCenter is no place for ridiculous speculation! This era of: Throw enough S**t against the wall and see what sticks is appalling. If I wanted ridiculous speculation, I’d go to Miss Cleo. I don’t, so let’s keep it out of my news reporting. Miami one day, Knicks the next, Bulls the next, Nets really coming on strong… One question: Has anything HAPPENED yet? No? Then shut the hell up! I know it’s summer and you’re looking for filler on TV, radio and print, but honestly, take a vacation, and let the baseball guys get a break.


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