To Catch a Tiger part 2

You may remember my previous post: To catch a Tiger. The gist of it was, that in general, it is always better for someone who screwed up to come out, admit wrongdoing, and ask for forgiveness rather than act smugly, cover things up and stonewall the very public who is responsible for most of your salary/fame. People get pissed off at that shit and then LOOK for ways to screw you over.

Sally Jenkins wrote a brilliant article just slicing Tiger into a million pieces. It was smart, funny, and a fantastic piece of writing. I encourage you to take a look at it in the meantime.

Also referenced in that post was my twitter back and forth with Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star. If you go back and look at his tweets about Tiger, his comments on the situation changed about 4 times, from making ‘chitlin’ jokes at Elin’s expense, to saying he doesn’t owe the public an explanation, to blaming the public for being surprised, to being incredulous that TMZ is doing a better job of reporting than ESPN (and doing a better job of investigative journalism than he could ever dream of), to believing Rachel Uchitel’s original story, to decrying women keeping text messages on their phones and not following ‘playa’ rules (wishing we could go back to the 70’s), blaming the media for building him up to tear him down. Sadly, as a person that makes his living as a ‘journalist’ or at the least a columnist that is around journalists all of the time, Mr. Whitlock failed to do one thing: Bother to actually look at what was known about the case in an objective way.

Tiger was the person who got married.
Tiger was the one who willingly slept with people other than his wife.
Tiger is the one that crashed the car coming out of his driveway.
Tiger was the one taken to the hospital for injuries suffered by him, because of him.
Tiger was the one that chose not to speak to police after the incident after being asked to talk on 3 separate occasions.
Tiger is also the person that allowed companies to build advertising campaigns around him by associating attributes to him that he didn’t have (integrity, judgment, etc)
Tiger is the one who thought that a couple of statements on his website would be more than enough for the unwashed masses that follow him.
Tiger is the one who still hasn’t shown himself in public.

Everything that has happened was either directly caused by Tiger or exacerbated by his decisions.
“These are the charges as recorded this day, 15 November 1962, faithfully submitted Douglas C. Neidermeyer, Sergeant at Arms.”Also, Mr. Whitlock has made a career out of decrying the hip-hop culture and the black on black violence that it breeds. Sadly, he undercuts his own position because of the fact that he wants to ‘put a clown suit’ on everyone who disagrees with his point of view, then has this to say:
“Just took off the ski mask, parked the 68 and tossed the AK. Column is complete. I rode for you, Tiger!!! Ride or die, baby.” – Dec 2, 2009
” i just parked the hooptie. i’m cleaning up, hiding the evidence. column probably won’t post til 2morrow.” – Dec 2, 2009
“i’m pushing for early publication bcuz i don’t want media folks to hear shots and start running for cover.” – Dec 2, 2009
“putting on ski mask and circling back. can someone find the story about the drunken high school kids at rick reilly’s house?” Dec 2, 2009
“shots fired, victim down, white male, 55, overpaid ESPN columnist. suspect is believed to b armed with a MAC laptop, approach as dangerous.” Dec 2, 2009
“Imma ride for ya, Tiger!!!! (Just make sure you let me know the next time you in Vegas)” – Dec 8, 2009

Now if those thoughts aren’t a product of hip-hop culture or a gang mentality, you may have to tell me what is. That is bullshit and hypocrisy of the highest form. Jason wants us to take him seriously? Child, please.


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