Marc Stein’s post: Arenas’ next team? Keep an eye on Orlando…

Many things about Marc Stein’s post makes no sense:

A) If you can’t void a contract after a player pleads guilty to a gun felony and craps in a guy’s shoe, what is the burden for voiding? Does a player have to be caught stabbing someone several times and have blood all over them for a contract to be voided?

B) Does Arenas know that there are people in Orlando called Carter, Howard, and Lewis ALL of who like their shots? Shoot first-ball dominating point guards DON’T win in this league. They may be entertaining, but they don’t win.

C) How could Orlando possibly afford Arenas? They’re already paying a boatload to Lewis, Carter, Howard, Gortat & Bass. There’s no WAY they could stay under the cap or close to it with Arenas. and

D) The only lineup Arenas should be in anytime soon is a Penitentiary lineup. What would happen if anyone else brought 3-4 guns to work (loaded or unloaded)? Would people be speculating about how many other corporations will want us after we get out of our legal issues? Gimme a freakin break!


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