This weekend in College Football

The SEC has a problem. They have 2 of the best 4 teams in the country. Florida and Alabama both dispatch their opponents like a pro team beating a lesser opponent. There doesn’t seem to be as much enthusiasm as there is a cold, grinding down of their opponents. There is MUCH to be admired about those programs. However, the SEC seems to have an issue with their officials during their games. The Gators received a RIDICULOUS personal foul call in the 4th qtr in the Arkansas game. There was an interception in the LSU-Alabama game this weekend that WAS an interception by LSU (down 6 in the 4th qtr). It was called incomplete on the field, went to replay, and was ruled incomplete there as well, and that’s fine… except for the fact that the LSU DB had TWO feet in bounds!! Not only that, but all of the most controversial calls are going the way of the undefeated clubs. It’s eerie. And it’s causing something worse. People are losing faith in the fact that the players on the field are determining the outcome of the game. The integrity of the game is at risk and if the SEC really values its brand, they better make sure these errors get fixed.. right quick-like.

In other news, Iowa kept playing with fire most of the year and finally got burned at home vs. the mighty Northwestern in a typically non-explosive Big Ten clash.
Oregon went to Stanford and a basketball game broke out, as Stanford got the upset. You would THINK that Oregon would have been on upset alert after such a BIG win last week against USC, but I guess not. The Pac-10 is secretly the most exciting league in the nation. SC plays pretty good defense, Oregon and Stanford have top 5 offenses, Arizona is coming around, Cal goes as Jahvid Best goes, Steve Sarkisian is turning things around in Washington, Mike Riley is doing ok in Oregon State, you’ve still got Dennis Erickson getting it done at Arizona St. (although home attendance could be better… Come on, Sun Devil fans… get out there!!)

TCU is bringing the noise and wiping out fools. Also, as an avid fan of ‘Road House’ how can you not like a team that has a QB named Dalton?

Cincinnati continues to get it done. Celleros on offense coming in for Tony Pike has been better than ANYONE could have expected. I don’t see ANY 2nd choice QBs coming in and putting up 555 yards of offense and 3 TDs by himself!

And Houston pulls off one of the comebacks of the year, coming back from 8 down in the last few seconds to win 46-45!!

Big Ups to the US Naval Academy for throwing a beatdown on Notre Dame 23-21! 404 yards of total offense, 348 on the ground and forcing 3 turnovers! Way to go, men!

Now THIS is the College Football we’ve been waiting for!!


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