Rev. Al V. Rush

While I have no issues with Rush Limbaugh being a partial owner of an NFL team, I understand the opposition from players, the NFLPA and Rev. Sharpton.

I don’t think a person’s political ideology, no matter what it is, should prohibit someone from buying a property. We’re set up under a Capitalistic economic model. You are allowed to buy what you are capable of affording. If he’s got the cash, he should be able to buy.

However, freedom of speech does not mean that your speech is free of consequences, and that if you choose to speak on the topic of race, and prospective employees take violent opposition to your position, you would be doing yourself, your business, and your property serious harm. THIS is what the NFL owners need to consider before just accepting the highest bid. There is no question that Rush is a race-baiter. If you don’t believe me, just look at his top 10 quotes: HERE. There would be damage done to a) The Rams b) The NFL and c) How the public views NFL ownership if Rush is an owner. How that would affect the NFL’s finances, I don’t know.

Secondarily, about Rev. Al Sharpton’s letter to Roger Goodell… THIS type of thing is EXACTLY the type of thing that gets people upset. Not only is Al Sharpton also a race-baiter, he waited for NFL players who expressed their position much more eloquently than he ever could to state their case. ONLY THEN did he send his letter of opposition to Roger Goodell. That’s typical Modus Operandi for Rev. Al. Have something controvertial happen, wait to see where public opinion is going, then jump on the bandwagon. If Mr. Sharpton wished to become partial owner of an NFL team, would he like it if Rush voiced his displeasure and asked the commissioner to block his ownership bid? How would he react if white NFL players said they wouldn’t play for him because of his hurtful and devisive racial comments?


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