She’s done it again, folks!

You may remember a while ago reading my award winning post ‘I’ll take ‘Crazy Ass Blondes’ for $400, Alex![A]‘ Well, my girls are in trouble again… I know, it SEEMS as unlikely as another bailout needed by AIG, but it happened.

My Girl #2, Amy Winehouse has got herself arrested again [A]. This time for assaulting a fan… allegedly. This, not to mention the fact that she’s having issues with her estranged husband stepping out with a 16 year old[C]

AND it also appears My Girl #3 has fallen off the wagon again, as Lindsay Lohan is living it up again[D].. despite reports of her being more broke[E] than Bernie Madoff’s piggy bank. What a shame.

[D] LA Times Blog
[E] The Insider


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