Shaq flappin his gums again…

If you’re a fan of PTI on ESPN, you’ve seen Shaquille O’Neal, a man who flat QUIT on the Miami Heat (and the Michael Corleone (Dwayne Wade) of his famous comparison[A]) in order to get traded to a more palatable situation, have a few good games (after Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire were out sidelined with injuries) and now feels as though it’s a good idea to run his mouth like he’s still the best player in the league. Don’t take my word for it, look at the video below (from about the 4:15 mark to 6:27)

Check out this from the 3:45 mark to 5:25

And this from the 4:30 mark to 6:40

And here from the 1:55 mark to 3:45

For the actual quotes: go HERE[B].

The point of all of those videos is this: There are 2 kinds of jerks. There is the toxic, nasty kind that you really don’t want to associate with, and there is the entertaining, lovable, yet still really nasty kind that you know you probably shouldn’t spend a lot of time around, but they have a charisma that is attractive to people, and they usually get forgiven for their sins. Shaq is the latter of the two. Not only does he leave every single team that he’s played for bloody when he leaves (Orlando, The Lakers, Miami), but he also goes out of his way to kill the people who helped make him so successful in the first place (Penny Hardaway, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant (tell me how my ass tastes), Stan Van Gundy, Pat Riley)

He may be entertaining, but ultimately, Shaq is going to eviscerate you for the smallest slight, and really when a private chat would probably do the job. And frankly, for Michael Wilbon[C] to be SO in the bag for Shaq is embarrassing, and really calls into question his objectivity as a journalist. Mike, we all understand he’s your friend, but seriously, you don’t HAVE to defend his position EVERY time! The same goes with Charles Barkley[D]. I LOVE listening to Charles. But there’s no defense for throwing people through plate glass[E] windows, spitting on customers[F], not paying off your casino debts[G] or driving under the influence[H]. You can criticize some one’s acts, and reasonable people can differentiate when you are telling them something they need to hear because you love them and want them to improve themselves or if you’re just taking a shot at them.

[A] FanNation – SI Blogs- Pete McEntegart
[B] AOL Video – ESPN
[C] The Washington Post
[D] Absolute Now
[E] The New York Times
[F] Wikipedia – Spitting Incident
[G] The Las Vegas Sun


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