10 things that drive me clinically insane….

Just thought of this today, when I felt like stabbing someone in the heart for being an idiot… We all have silly things that people do that just drive us nuts… Some of us (with Italian heritage) might get WAY too angry considering the offense, however, I think we all have these little ‘hot buttons’. What are your 10? (sadly some of mine involve driving)

1) I rather dislike people who tailgate me… especially when I can’t go anywhere because the people ahead of me are blocking me off…

6) I have no issue with people who like to use coupons while checking out… but PLEASE, for the love of GOD, have them out and ready! Don’t go digging around in your purse after the cashier has scanned everything and given you your total. Also, don’t THEN tell the cashier you’ve lost your grocery store ‘rewards’ card and that you need to look it up by phone number… for god-SAKE, it’s a chocolate chip MUFFIN, and a bottle of SPRITE!!! AND AFTER ALL OF THAT, DON’T PAY BY CHECK!!!

7) Getting prompted by my Blackberry that I received a new e-mail, only to find out that it’s spam. Someone wants me to increase the size of my ‘manhood’, look at hot chicks, or a prince from central Africa needs my help getting his money out of the country and would happily give me $1 million for just helping him if I were to just give him my bank account number… Die, you gravy sucking pig dog!

Yes, I know that’s only 7, but that’s what I got right now… I’ll update that later when I feel like it’s a good idea to rip out someone’s spleen…

[A] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRW17acsxR4
[B] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8702Im2P18


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