Recession? What Recession?

Dan Snyder is taking poor management to new, unseen heights. Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins of the NFL. He also has a reputation for throwing insane amounts of cash at free agents and not putting a winning product out on the field… and going through coaches like the Octo-mom goes through diapers. ANYWAY, the Redskins have just laid off about 20 office staff workers in their organization[1], attributing that to the downturn in the economy, except for one thing… they just signed Albert Haynesworth[2] to a 7-year, $100 Million contract[3] with $41 Million of that GUARANTEED

… AND signed CB DeAngelo Hall[4] to a 6-year, $54 Million contract[5] with $22.5 Million of that GUARANTEED

and just signed OL Derrick Dockery to a 5-year $26 Million contract[6]. Not only is this completely insane on a financial level, you may remember Albert Haynesworth for the below

That’s right, you just saw him stomping on another man’s unprotected head while wearing cleats! Obviously the kind of high-character guy that you want to be filling your team with. The funny thing is that he could be a choir boy compared to DeAngelo Hall[7]. Hall has a tendency to alienate people[8] everywhere he goes.
However, to complete these signings only weeks after they laid off[9] as many people as they did is absolutely disgusting. the last time I saw such boldfaced lying was … well, from the US Congress.. which happens to be housed in the same city… hmmmm…



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