And now for something completely different…

A Red Sox fan DEFENDING Alex Rodriguez… I know, it’s hard to believe. Honestly, people are upset at this?
1) Baseball players have the best union of any of the sports.
2) They also have the longest season, which gives them more home dates of any other sport. this gives the clubs a greater opportunity to bilk the paying customer for every dollar they can.
Those 2 points are un-debatable…
The players get a great percentage of that money pie, to the point that Bobby Abreu just signed a 1-year $5 million contract to play for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and people who follow the sport are calling that contract a steal… for the ANGELS!!!

The people who make the most money in baseball are A) the sluggers (guys who have tons of HR and RBI) and B) Power pitchers (tons of Strikeouts, Wins and Saves). Now the guys who are those players are generally the strongest players. It has been shown that steroids or PEDs make you stronger. So this is really a no-brainer… If you take PEDs, the likelihood of you getting stronger and hitting more Home Runs or throwing a ball faster increase. This increased performance should net you a much bigger bank account. Is there a trade-off? Of course there is… Your tendons and ligaments won’t hold up as long as a normal person, but you can get that attended to with your huge bank account after your playing days are over and you get off the juice (as you no longer need to cycle on and off). Personally, I think you have to have NO players on PED’s (which they’re trying to enforce now… how’s that working out for them??) Or allow ALL players to take PEDs without repercussion… you know, kind of like how the NFL works… Oh, come on, don’t give me that look… Shawne Merriman of the SD Chargers gets nailed for steroids, gets suspended for 4 games and no one says boo. A-Rod does the same thing, and everyone acts like he just murdered everyone’s first born child. A RIDICULOUS double-standard.

I’ll repeat what I heard on an earlier BS Report Podcast (go to the 11 min mark): If you were working in a high-level job, knew that you’d only have that job for 8-12 years, and were given the opportunity to double, triple, or quadruple your performance and pay by taking a pill, or shooting yourself up with a syringe, would you do it? I feel fairly comfortable saying that over 50% of people would do that. Hell, the FEDS aren’t even going after them for taking the stuff… they’re going after them for lying to Congress or Federal Investigators!


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