There’s something about Brett…

Earlier today, according to reports, Brett Favre told the NY Jets hierarchy that he plans to retire from football. And so the blogs have begun, slurping the great man as the best quarterback who ever played the game. A man who’s incomparable toughness and gunslinger attitude is the prototype for NFL Quarterback.

The truth, however, is that only two guys have had the balls to point out how poor Favre has played over the last 10 years: Sal Paolantonio and Bill Simmons

Now as the great Rafa Benitez (manager of Liverpool FC(who’s cracking up at the moment)) would say:

Favre then proceeded to throw up a pass over the middle of the field in Overtime so ridiculous, that Brian Dawkins nearly had to fair catch it.

2002: Favre throws for under 50% completions, and throws 2 INT in a 27-7 loss in Lambeau to Michael Vick and the Falcons.

2001: Favre throws 6 INT (3 of which were returned for TDs) in a 45-17 spanking loss against the St. Louis Rams.

If any other QB played that horribly when it was crunch time, they would have been drummed out of the league. Somehow, someway, this didn’t happen to Favre. why it didn’t happen I’ll never really know, because those performances were atrocious.


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