Well, a couple of weeks ago, I told you about switching from to for tracking my diet and exercise.
If you REALLY want detailed information with breakdowns of all of your dietary information with colorful graphs and charts and down to the tenth of a percentage point stuff, then Nutrition Data is the site for you. There is good health information there and helpful blogs, How-EVA…

Livestrong just blows it out of the water. There are blogs, BUT, there are articles on just about everything you could ask about(health-wise), exercise videos, calorie trackers (with an app for that available for your snazzy new iPhone),
body fat trackers, weight trackers, symptom checkers, join a group, post something in the forum, or take (or give) a ‘dare’. Dares are basically goals that you wish to attain through hard work and/or discipline. Track your progress on your dare, and comment on other people’s progress who are taking the same dares as you are. Also, the calorie tracker takes into account all of your basic information PLUS takes into account how many calories you’ve burned during the day. It tells you how many calories you’ve ingested AND your NET calories for the day (always helpful to know how much you have to burn in order to not feel so guilty over that extra handful of chips you have a weakness for).

Also, if you were wondering… is the site for all this information, is Lance Armstrong‘s foundation site. They’re sister sites, with links to each other.


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