New TV interests

Yes, I live in an apartment… a small one at that. So finding storage for all of my crapola can be a daunting task. I’ve done the best I can do without actually mounting cabinetry to the walls that I don’t actually own.
Recently I went to my parents’ new home and gawked at it. It’s absolutely HUGE, has about everything you could ever want and can store everything. It’s there that during the holidays I started watching HGTV and DIY. There are a few good shows on there and there are definitely some good ideas on there for ‘space and storage challenged’ people/spaces. Right now I’m fascinated by a couple of shows.

1) Wasted Spaces: Australian host Karl Champley finds people with home storage problems and comes up with unique solutions for them. Sometimes the solutions are sublime… other times.. ridiculous (ly inventive). The only questions I have about his solutions lead me into my second show. By coming up with his solutions, is equity being added to these properties?

2) Sweat Equity: Host Amy Matthews helps do-it-yourselfers with their home projects as they attempt to renovate portions of their house to boost resale price


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