Mark Teixiera

So the NY Yankees beat out my beloved Boston Red Sox for the services of free agent 1B Mark Teixiera. The contract is for 8 years at $180M. My thoughts are that I want the Yankees to spend as much money as possible on position players. Please tie up all of that considerable bankroll on players who don’t pitch. The Yanks did that last year and it turned out great (for the Sox), so please give the first $100M infield even more cash… Why not sign Manny Ramirez for $25M a year?

See, I’m completely OVER complaining about the Yankees ‘buying’ everyone. It’s their money, they can do as they see fit with it. You don’t go around telling other people how to handle their money, why start with the Yankees? I just want them to place as much money into position players as possible, because as followers of baseball know… PITCHING wins championships. Do you have to have run production to win? Of course… but it’s VERY rare for a primarily offensive team to win (last one I can think of is the 2002 Angels) Say what you want about this year’s Phillies, but here’s how many runs they gave up in the postseason (1,2,4,2,2,5,7,5,1,2,4,4,2,3). And BOTH the Phillies and 2002 Angels had DEVASTATING bullpens. I also love the CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett deals (as a Sox fan). It ties up even MORE bankroll in players who haven’t performed in the postseason. As Bill Simmons of ESPN so eloquently had one of his readers put it in a recent mailbag: “Remember, we’re talking about a man who looked like this in 1999 and looks like this entering 2009.” I couldn’t put it better myself! Also, AJ Burnett has NEVER performed well for his club in a season that was NOT his ‘contract year’. Also, hell be 32 on Jan 3… not exactly a spring chicken anymore. By the time his contract with the Yankees is up, (5 yrs for $82.5M, he’ll be 37. Since he’s a ‘2 pitch’ pitcher relying on a fastball and curve, I’m saying his fastball at 37 is NOT going to be devastating.

Also, the Red Sox CAN’T cry anymore… They’ve absolutely turned Fenway into an ATM, just making money hand over fist! They went into merchandising those AWFUL PINK HATS!! No TRUE Red Sox fan is wearing a flippin Pink hat! They have sponsors for every product imaginable, they have their own TV network (where some really strange stuff happens:

and they just changed their road uniforms just so people have to go out and buy new ones to show how cool they are.

So go out, develop your farm system, get what players you can, compete, and stop crying. Do you remember who the AL Champions are right now? The Tampa Bay Rays! They didn’t win by spending out the wazoo, they did it by pitching, playing good defense, and playing together as a team. They had each other’s backs, and played hard. Many things will change about baseball, but that formula will always be a winning one.


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