I have the Comcast HD DVR package at home with most of their HD Channels, and I stumbled across a channel a few nights ago called ‘Palladia‘. THIS is the channel that Circuit City always has their HDtv’s on in the store because the picture looks SO amazing. It was previously MHD (MTV’S HD channel), and they just basically show concerts and concert shows. It’s a damn good channel. They had Amy Winehouse in London, Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona, The All-American Rejects in Minneapolis, Maroon 5 in London and all kinds of VH1 ‘Storytellers’ programming on. They also cut down the MTV VMA’s into just the performance bits. Some thoughts on that:
I felt terrible for Kid Rock doing ‘All Summer Long’… It’s a FANTASTIC song, and the crowd was just AWFUL! No one was doing anything.. they all just sat there! See for yourself:

Paramore was very good. I enjoyed their energy. Hayley really puts everything into her performance and I hope they crank out all kinds of stuff for a good long time.

P!nk is a god. She brings that edge to just about everything she does that made Rock N Roll so attractive and interesting in the first place. There is an element of danger that is tangible. That, and she kicks ass, is unapologetic and loves every second of it. She looks like she’s having a ball out there, and you can’t say that about everyone performing.

Kanye West seems to be moving in a different direction in his artistry. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, just different.

People LOVED U2 in the 80’s then they went into their ‘Achtung Baby’ and ‘Pop’ phase. It’s not that these albums were bad, they were just experimenting, asking questions of themselves and trying new and different sounds. This ALSO allowed them to come back at a later time to something similar to what they were doing previously and having it sound new. They hadn’t burned their fans out on the same sound for 12 years, so one album sounded just like the next. I think that’s what Kanye is doing now. He’s moving on with a different part of his life. He’s maturing. He’s still dealing with the death of his mother, and it’s made him a different person. That difference must be reflected in the art he makes. (Personally, I liked the direction he was going in previously… I’m a big Daft Punk guy, so the stuff he was doing with them was sensational!!)


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