Lots of new stuff, part 1…

First, again, sorry on the sparcity of posts, but as Christian X appears to be hanging up the blogging pen… I might dare to pick it up…

In my previous post: Weight Loss Journey I told you about a fantastic site called NutritionData.com. Well, it appears that the good folks @ Nike have completely blown it out of the water on their Livestrong site. I just looked at it today, but it appears you can do all of the things you do on Nutrition Data, but also track your weight, have access to living healthy articles, BMI index charts, other blogs, groups, forums, diet information, fitness information, take ‘dares’, etc. I’ll try it out, and report back soon… Hopefully, I can lose even MORE weight, and get down to a trim 225 in by the summer. (For those of you keeping track at home, that would be a loss of 120 lbs. in 15 months. I’m already -65, so just over halfway there).


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