Old Man

Sometimes I really start feeling my age. I know I’m not THAT old yet, but I’ve started to notice the little bumps, bruises, cracks and noises that I didn’t notice before. Of note, I have a tendency to have issues with my neck when I overstress it (with weight lifting exercises)

or when I sleep wrong (without my beloved horseshoe neck pillow)

Well, I did it again, when I fell asleep on my comfy La-Z-Boy couch without my neck pillow, and woke up without being able to turn my head to the left. Son of a BITCH!!
I know what comes next.. about a week’s worth of pain, and trying not to stress it out. I’m starting to actually take supplements because of the aforementioned pains. I used to be totally opposed to taking any kind of pills, but sadly I’m starting that now. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Low dose Aspirin, Fish Oil, and today, Ibuprofin. I suppose I’ll just take it as preparation for when I’m 65 years old, right? Pill box, here I come!!
Oh well, no more Shoulder or Abdominal exercises for me for a while. 😦
Speaking of that, I guess I should say something about my exercise routine and weight loss… That will be my next post. In the meantime, check out some of my blog list… give em some love!


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