NFL Championship Sunday

The girls I’m pimpin and I go out to watch the games all of the time at Buffalo Wild Wings.

They’re Seattle Seahawks fans.

I’m a Tampa Bay Bucs Man.

I don’t hold it against them that they’re Seahawks fans, but pssshhhtt… just LOOK at the pictures above!! Who are you choosing?? It’s not THAT hard is it?!?!

They, however have an affinity for changing allegiances when their team isn’t playing… Case in point: They rooted for the NY Giants when the G-Men were playing Dallas, but chose to root for Green Bay when they played NY.

They will also be rooting for NY when they play against the NE Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in Arizona next week. Also, one of them has a Manny Ramirez fetish. She wants to be one of his girls.

Anyhoo… It’s always a good time, as you can see below:


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