America’s newest and greatest hero(ine)s!!

During the NFC Championship game last week, the temperatures were bone-chilling. The temperature was -3 degrees, with wind chills reaching -24
degrees. But adversity can bring out unlikely heroes. In this case, the watching world was introduced to such heroes: The Green Bay Bikini Girls!!

Word ’round the campfire is that next season, one of them could wear THIS to one of the games:

… yes, that’s a ‘Cheesebra
If you’re interested in learning more about these lovely ladies, click here:

Now, just because these women dressed skimpily at a football game, doesn’t mean they were the first. The GBBG (Green Bay Bikini Girls) owe some sort of acknowledgement to their fore-sisters: The Lovely and Talented Heather Rothstein and Jenn Sterger.
If you don’t remember Heather, perhaps the video below during the 2006 Saints-Eagles Divisional Playoff game will jog your memory:

Yes, this die-hard fan parlayed that shot into a Maxim deal, pics of which can be viewed below:

To read more about Heather, click here

And let’s not forget Jenn Sterger. If you don’t know Jenn, she’s the FSU Cowgirl that caused a ruckus a couple of years ago.

Jenn seems to be the more business savvy of the two. So far, she has parlayed her ‘exposure’ into her own website, a spin off website, and a sports-writing gig on You can see her archive for SI HERE

In the words of a great 21st century thinker and philosopher… ‘Git R Dun!’


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