Your sports/police blotter/child support Update!!

Look out Travis Henry! We’ve found someone almost as stupid and promiscuous as you are!! Proving that he has a smaller brain than Barry Bonds’ testicles, former NBA player Jason Caffey is coming after your throne, and came up with this beauty of a quote regarding his child support/bankruptcy situation: “The only reason I filed bankruptcy was to get these arrest warrants off me“. Like the Jamaican guy in the Red Stripe ads says: Hooray responsibility!!

A story about former NFL QB Jake ‘The Snake’ Plummer. He played for the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos, where he grew a beard that would make Grizzy Adams jealous, before retiring. He was traded to the Tampa Bay Bucs then announced his retirement before reporting to them at all. As you can read, his interests now are extremely white.

A story about how poorly the Patriots played back in a game against the Cleveland Browns.

In case you didn’t know, Steven Jackson (now of the NBA Golden State Warriors) got into some trouble when he was with the Indiana Pacers. First, he was involved with teammate Ron Artest in one of the ugliest incidents in sporting history with the ‘Malice at the Palace’. All HELL breaks loose at the 2:58 mark.

He then got into another incident when he fired a gun outside of a strip club. So what do the GS Warriors decide to do in their training camp to boost team togetherness? Click here to find out.
All of which makes the boys at Golden State of Mind absolute GENIUSES!!!

Earlier in this post I mentioned Barry Bonds. Well, I also found an article that he should probably pay attention to: HERE. Maybe however many millimeters his testicles shrank, that’s EXACTLY how many hat sizes he went up.


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