Animal Revolution continues & the ugly underbelly of Wayne Brady

You probably thought I was kidding about the animal revolution in earlier posts. Nah kid! It’s alive and kickin. For more video evidence from the battlefront click here. It seems as though the animals are now starting to use WEAPONS. Good lordy, stock up on your bottled water, batteries and ‘Ensure’ right now… the apocolypse is coming SOON!!

Who is DUSTIN DRAPER and why should you be concerned? He could be boarding public transit near you…

And while we’re on the subject, what the hell happened to the USPS’s stricter guidelines on shipment of hazardous materials? I guess that one kind of slipped by, eh? I guess the package isn’t what it seemed.

I’ll tell you who else isn’t what he seems… Wayne Brady. Oh, sure you think of him as the unbelievably friendly and non-threatening African-American on “Who’s line is it Anyway” and had his own variety show where he sang Luther Vandross tunes. But if you dig deeper, there’s an ugliness that you’d never suspect, the video evidence is below:


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