More odd happenings… plus more NBA

Now P. Diddy doesn’t need to send his ‘Making the Band’ Crew out to find … ‘Breeeeeaaaaast Miiiiiiiiilk’. He can just buy it from THIS WOMAN.

We also continue the saga of Charles Barkley… his love of Krispy Kremes, his ignorance of offseason transactions, and his inability to tie a tie.

And another John Thompson interview with the new Boston Celtics. Here are some ideas I came up with for their new nickname, since the ‘Big 3’ is just lazy, isn’t THEM… it’s Bird, McHale, and Parish, and isn’t getting it done for me:
The G.A.P. Band
The PGA Tour
The Notorious P.A.G.
Runnin’ with The P.A.K.

Vote for your favorite above!


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