David Stern… genius or insane?

For those of you who have followed the NBA of late, you know that David Stern, the Commissioner of the NBA, has come out with some curious rulings and statements in the past few months:

1) First, last season he tried to change the ball from the traditional leather model to a new microfiber composite model without asking for the players’ ideas. That was a disaster after the new ball started to give paper cuts to the players who handled the ball the most. He then decided AGAIN to change the ball back to the leather model after the All-Star break, but again didn’t consult anyone before making that decision, so players played 1/2 the season with one ball, and 1/2 the season with another. Below is a new model that Stern will hope to launch next season:
2) Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw take 2 steps off of the bench, after their 2 time MVP Steve Nash gets thrown against the scorer’s table by Robert Horry, in game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals and get suspended for game 5. David Stern says that his hands are tied by the rule in place.

3) Curiously, NBA official Tim Donaghy is found to have gambled on games that he refereed. The FBI tell David Stern of their ongoing investigation, and Stern launches his own probe into the league’s officials to see if any gambling is going on (which would be against NBA rules). His investigation shows that more than half of the officials have participated in casino gambling, but he doesn’t suspend them, but RELAXES THE RULES!!! Why wasn’t this kind of judgement call used in the Stoudemire/Diaw case? Both rules are said to be ‘iron clad’ and there is no room for ‘interpretation’. However, he stays ‘iron clad’ in one case and makes a judgement call on the other. That makes no sense!!

4) He was asked about the scandalous Isiah Thomas/New York Knicks
sexual harrassment trial, and replied that he had no plans to discipline anyone within the organization.

5) About a week later, he then blasts Knicks management by saying “they’re not a model of intelligent management“. While this is unequivocally true, why didn’t he say that from the beginning? He is actually still investigating whether or not to discipline anyone after he said he wouldn’t.

You can only draw one of two conclusions:
A) Stern is a genius because he always keeps his league in the news because of his decision making process or
B) He’s gone completely insane and his decision making process has no rhyme or reason. The picture below will sum up my position better than any words can:

Either that, or he’s spending WAY too much time with his drinking buddies: Larry Eustachy, Hugh Grant, Matt Leinart, and Ben Roethlisberger.


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