Viva La Animal Revolution!

Whatcha gonna do, when Drunken Elephants run wild on YOU???

See what the monkeys do when they aren’t filming commercials.

Little Miss Muffet ain’t got nothin’ on THIS kid!

Geoffrey the Toys ‘R’ Us Giraffe goes straight GANGSTA, beeoytch!!

The strangest roadkill you’ll ever see or hear about.

An Alaskan Bear goes Mortal Kombat: FINISH HIM!!

Rocky might have had the eye of the tiger, but what happens when his opponent has the eye of the SQUIRREL??

God!!! Even the coyotes are getting lazy… and now they’re getting into this fast food craze… but apparently, much like chinese food, it left him wanting, so he went back to his old ways

It must really suck to be a zookeeper… yeah, you get adoration from kids, but you have to handle anteaters and crocodiles, who can be rather mean and nasty, so I’m told.

You thought that sharks were the only thing that could attack you in the water?? Oh contrare, my friend, this gives a whole new meaning to: Holy Mackerel did you see that?!?

What is that? Is it Killer Klowns from Outer Space? No! It’s Killer Frogs from San Francisco!

In honor of Bob Barker… Remember to help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered!!

Forget Meow Mix, this cat has the right idea, SURELY!!


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