Greg Ryan gets sacked!!

Greg Ryan, the coach of the US Women’s National Soccer team, will not have his contract renewed. His current contract expires Dec 31, 2007. You can read about it HERE. All I can say is that it’s about time. This guy should have been left in China after he had a brainlock before the game against Brazil in the semifinals… the game they lost 4-0. For a very interesting column by Mark Zeigler on the whole Ryan-Solo-US Team saga, click here. I don’t know where Mr. Zeigler got his information, but here’s an excerpt from his column:

If Solo did anything wrong when she stared into a TV camera and launched a 28-second tirade after the 4-0 loss to Brazil, it’s that she tossed Ryan and his beleaguered team a lifeline.

In the military, they call it diversionary tactics. You blow up something somewhere else to divert attention from the primary focus of the mission.

Ryan quickly rounded up his team leaders, turned them against Solo and built a constituency to vote her off the island. They kicked her off the team bus, then threw her under it.

Solo was not allowed to eat meals with the team in China, not allowed to attend meetings with the team, not allowed to sit on the bench with the team for the third-place game, not allowed to collect her bronze medal with the team, not allowed to fly home with the team.

If that is in fact the case, Greg Ryan is even a bigger disgrace than I originally thought he was. Not only that, but the ‘leaders’ on the team are a complete disgrace, and should be sacked immediately.

The real problem for Hope Solo with her situation, is that when Male athletes say the same type of things that she said, the Male athlete can go back to his club or be shipped off to another club, but continue his craft. Where exactly is Hope Solo going to play? There isn’t exactly a big demand in the world of sports for a 25 year old female soccer goalkeeper. In my view, the national teams are really the only places for women to play (at least until the new women’s soccer league starts up again in 2009).
For another column on the US Women’s National team by ESPN’s Steve Davis, click here.


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