Your NFL Update : Week 7

What could I add that hasn’t been regurgitated over and over on ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox already?

1) The Patriots and Colts seem to be the class of the NFL.
2) Pittsburgh and Dallas are very interesting on the next tier down,
3) Jacksonville, Tennessee, Green Bay, on the 3rd tier,
4) NY Giants, Tampa Bay, and Washington on the 4th tier,
5) and everyone else pretty much stinks.

In a strange way, this season, so far, seems to mimic the 1994 season, where everyone knew it was going to be San Francisco v. Dallas in the NFC Championship game, and that winner was going to roll their opponent in the Super Bowl. Most people think it will be New England v. Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game, and that winner will roll their NFC opponent. I don’t think any differently.

The way the Pats are playing, it is conceivable that they believe they are in college football, where they need to ‘impress the pollsters’. For everyone who used to complain that the Pats didn’t win by enough during their Super Bowl years (they’d only do enough to win by 3), well, they seem to be trying to make up for those years all at once. 38-14 @ NYJ, 38-14 v. SD, 38-7 @ Buf, 34-17 @ Cin, 34-17 v. Cle, 48-27 @ Dal. Indianapolis is also dispatching its opponents, but with professional precision. They put ‘old school’ Patriot wins together @ Ten and @ Houston, and then dismantled Tampa Bay.

Someone tell the ’72 Dolphins to keep those Champagne bottles kept way in the back of the cupboard until at least week 9. Until then, watch some college football, for godssake!! This could be the most exciting season of college football ever!! Watch USF, BC, Ohio St, Oklahoma, all of the Pac-10 and all of the SEC (especially the SEC).


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