How fickle are the soccer fans of England?

Here’s an article about England’s confidence in their keeper: Click Here.

If you haven’t been following EURO2008 qualifying, here’s the situation: Croatia have 26 pts from 10 games, England have 23 pts from 11 games and Russia have 21 pts from 10 games. The top 2 out of each group advance to the final tournament, but at this point, Russia have to win @ Israel, and @ Andorra to advance, no matter what England does. This would mean the embarrassment of England not advancing out of a group with Israel, Macedonia, Estonia, and Andorra. That is the equivalent of the NY Yankees not winning a division filled with double A teams.

But if you know that the type of aggravation listed above is waiting for you the first time your team loses, why would any right thinking manager take the job in the first place? To put it in ‘American’ terms, this is like taking a college football job where your boosters have the expectations of Alabama, but you have the talent of Georgia Tech. Can you win once in a while?… Sure you can. Can you go 11-1 every year? Not a chance in hell.


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