NFL Wrap up Weeks 1&2

AFC East
NE Patriots: The Class of the league winning at the Jets and home vs. the Chargers by 38-14 scores. I don’t know how you would go about stopping their offense. Their defense could be done in at the end of the season by their linebackers’ age, but that’s about it. I don’t see anything other than a Brady injury stopping them from AT LEAST getting to the AFC Championship game.
Miami: Defense is what it is… decent enough, but will get worn down because the offense is just terrible. Trent Green is throwing interceptions, and Ronnie Brown is NOT the player people thought he was coming out of Auburn. The Dolphins will win 6 games MAX.
NY Jets: Difficult to gauge yet, because they played 2 superior teams. Kellen Clemens can throw the ball well, but I don’t see how you don’t play Pennington at QB if he’s healthy. Look at his record. Chad wins games. Mangini did a great job of deflecting how badly his team got smoked in his home opener by starting the Video scandal. Unfortunately, he got pegged for having his team simulate snap counts the next game by Billick (Balt head coach). They could win 9 max.
Buffalo: The Bills showed great spirit the first game v. Denver, but couldn’t hold them off, then got smoked by a rejuvenated Pittsburgh squad. Looks like another max 6 win season for them.

AFC North
Baltimore: Could actually be a long season for the Ravens. Tons of injuries in the first game v. Cincinnati. Ogden looks like he’s had it, they won’t hand it to McGahee 25 times a game for reasons unknown to anyone, McNair is hurt again, and Ray Lewis has a bum tricep. Their defense will be strong, so 10 is still possible, but 7-8 more likely.
Pittsburgh: NOW we’re talkin. Big Ben looks to be in 2005 form, Parker is running well, and they haven’t even really needed to open the offense up to Ward or Holmes yet. Yes, they’ve only played @ Cle and v Buf, but still giving up 10 points in 8 quarters is good. Their defense looks like a Steelers defense… stout. I see their ceiling as 12 games.
Cincinnati: Same song, different year. The Bengals have a very good offense which will be let down by its defense. Look at it this way… they needed 6 turnovers and a goal line stand to beat BALTIMORE… Baltimore has ZERO offense!! They then followed that up by giving up 51 to CLEVELAND!! If their defense doesn’t turn you over, Cin has no shot to win games.
Cleveland: The Browns are not going to score 51 every week, but FINALLY, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow made an impact in a game!! Their defense still looks brutal, so I’m still going to say they win 5 max.

AFC South
Indy: The Colts are the 2nd best team in the league. I believe in their offense, but I need to see their defense hold up for a prolonged period of time before I’ll believe they’ll beat the Pats. Tennessee put pressure up the middle on Manning and flustered him a bit. Can Addai stay healthy for 16 games of being a feature back? Max 12 games won.
Jacksonville: A disappointment in the making. Garrard may be the guy for Del Rio, but he can’t consistently do the things to make you win at the NFL Level. Jacksonville is a run it down your throat team. They need to get back to that. Run Taylor 18 times, run MoJo 10 times, and hit MoJo in the flat 5 times. Play great defense. That’s who you are. Max 7 wins.
Tennessee: A strange team to figure out. They have Vince Young and Jeff Fisher (THE most under appreciated coach in the league) who are proven winners, but they don’t seem to have ANY talent at WR. Let’s say they win max 9.
Houston: The biggest sleeper in the league. 2 convincing wins over KC and Carolina. Their schedule looks to toughen up from late October on, but Matt Schaub looks good, he gets the ball out on time, and Andre Johnson looks great. I’ll say they slow down soon, with a max 8 win season.

AFC West
Denver: Difficult to gauge as well. They could easily be 0-2, but they’re 2-0. Travis Henry looks like he could be the first back in NFL history to run for 1800 yards with 0 TDs. Cutler is looking erratic, but they’ll be fine. Max 11 wins.
San Diego: Looks like Norv is in full effect here. Undisciplined penalties, lack of aggression, turnovers, mental errors, and a basic lack of passion is seeping into this team that is so talented. Tomlinson has 68 yards total rushing in the first 2 games? The defense got dismantled v. New England, and the offense has looked disorganized in the first 2 games. By the time Norv is done, they’ll win 9 max.
Oakland: The Raiders have looked surprisingly spunky in the first 2 games. They came back vs Detroit only to lose later, and they should have won v. Denver, if the officials wouldn’t have allowed a late timeout past the snap by Shanahan. McCown has been productive in his games as QB. If they continue to play this way, they could win as many as 7 games.
Kansas City: The Chiefs look dreadful. Their defense looked good last week, but you don’t get to play Rex Grossman every week. Herm already had Brodie Croyle in for a bit last week. They’re QB situation is unstable, LJ is not ripping off big runs, Gonzalez is starting to show his age, and their WRs are not good enough. Bowe is good but too young to make a significant impact. I say 5 wins at most, more likely 3.


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