Hevdog breaks down the NBA – Intro

I’m going to start breaking down the NBA off season moves and give my ideas about a preview of how the upcoming regular season will turn out. As always, past performance does not guarantee future results and people can and do lose money. I will attempt to give records as close as possible. and even factor in that totals wins must = total losses… a novel concept!! As we also know, injuries are a big part of basketball. My projections will assume that MAJOR stars will be healthy for a majority of the season. If Kobe, Dirk or LeBron go down for half the year, my projection will probably be WAY off. Your comments and questions are always welcome.
2006 Final Regular Season Standings:
Raptors 47-35
Nets 41-41
Sixers 35-47
Knicks 33-49
Celtics 24-58
Pistons 53-29
Cavs 50-32
Bulls 49-33
Pacers 35-47
Bucks 28-54
Heat 44-38
Wizards 41-41
Magic 40-42
Bobcats 33-49
Hawks 30-52

Jazz 51-31
Nuggets 45-37
Blazers 32-50
Twolves 32-50
Sonics 31-51
Suns 61-21
Lakers 42-40
Warriors 42-40
Clippers 40-42
Kings 33-49
Mavs 67-15
Spurs 58-24
Rockets 52-30
Hornets 39-43
Grizzlies 22-60

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